Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Finally Have a Craft Room!

Up until Axel was born, I always had room to have a craft room, but never utilized one. Once Axel was born, crafts just didn't fit into the schedule very well and since having kids meant losing the room to have a craft room, dragging everything out only to have to put it away when I was done did not seem very appealing. Now that we have moved to a new home, I am making a craft room fit into our house. While our guest bedroom has been serving as storage for all the things we don't know what to do with, a recent garage sale freed up some of that room and has allowed me to feed my desire to start doing some crafts. My first projects: tutus and headbands/clips. After Emma was invited to a princess/ballerina birthday party (complete with dance lesson!), I decided to make Emma a tutu to wear to the party. Then I decided to make one for the little girl's birthday gift. I am liking it so much, I have made 5 in the past week-in-a-half along with some flower headbands/clips. It's a little addictive! Still learning, but loving it!

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