Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Finally Have a Craft Room!

Up until Axel was born, I always had room to have a craft room, but never utilized one. Once Axel was born, crafts just didn't fit into the schedule very well and since having kids meant losing the room to have a craft room, dragging everything out only to have to put it away when I was done did not seem very appealing. Now that we have moved to a new home, I am making a craft room fit into our house. While our guest bedroom has been serving as storage for all the things we don't know what to do with, a recent garage sale freed up some of that room and has allowed me to feed my desire to start doing some crafts. My first projects: tutus and headbands/clips. After Emma was invited to a princess/ballerina birthday party (complete with dance lesson!), I decided to make Emma a tutu to wear to the party. Then I decided to make one for the little girl's birthday gift. I am liking it so much, I have made 5 in the past week-in-a-half along with some flower headbands/clips. It's a little addictive! Still learning, but loving it!

Axel Loves Tractors; Emma Loves to Dance

It's so great to experience the growing personalities of children. This child is a cuddler; this one is not. This child loves to get dirty; this one prefers to be clean. This child is outgoing; this child is reserved. You get the picture. For us, we know this about Axel: He loves tractors, anything with tires/wheels, likes to play rough (like most boys I assume!), loves to give hugs, like to be tickled, thrives on praise, is sensitive to tones of voice, and is a social butterfly. Emma: LOVES to dance and sing, can be a bit dramatic, likes to color, likes to give kisses, blinks her eyes a lot, makes funny faces, can scream very loud when she doesn't get her way (!), is shy when she meets someone new, and loves to drag a trusted adult around by their finger. We love our babes!

Fair Time!

Well, my resolution to keep this blog-thing up hasn't been fulfilled. Better late that never! So we will pick up with what our family has been up to lately-Fairs! Out here in western Kansas it is fair season (as it is across the country I suppose). The past week has been spent between the Wallace Country Fair (where Jesse grew up) and the NW Kansas District Free Fair in Sherman Country (where we live). We have seen many great 4-H exhibits, lots of livestock, and the PBR rodeo! Axel and Jesse enjoyed the tractor-pull event and both the kids absolutely LOVED the carnival kiddie rides. Nothing like a small-town fair!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Play Time!

Oh how Jesse and I love to "horse around" with Axel and Emma! Sure, things can get a little rough at times, but we so enjoy tickling the kids, playing dress up and just being silly. Kids are a lot of work, but SO much fun!

Little Lambs

It's lambing time out here in Western Kansas, and lucky for us, Jesse's parents breed sheep! Axel and Emma thoroughly enjoyed playing with the adorable newborn lambs this past week, petting their noses and watching the new lambs show cautious curiosity over Axel and Emma. While the cold weather has made things difficult, there have been some very healthy and active little lambs born this season. It is so precious to watch these babies run around and play, and how amazingly calm my children can be when the lambs are "tasting" their hands and coats! It is so grand to be in God's Country again!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Beginning of The Goodland Life

After months of having our Washington house on the market, selling our house, traveling 1600+ miles to Western Kansas, and living with Jesse's parents for 3+ months (who, by the way, are great for putting up with us!), we are finally in our new home in Goodland, Kansas!!!! We moved all our things in just after Christmas and moved ourselves in January 8th.
Two weeks and 100 unpacked boxes later, we are still getting settled, but well on our way to this house feeling like home. Axel and Emma are thoroughly enjoying the new house equipped with a toy room/closet and rec/family room for them to spread their toys all over the place. Their rooms are quite a bit bigger than their bedrooms in our Washington house and seem a bit empty with the current lack of furniture and decor (haven't got around to hanging pictures, curtains, shelves, etc. quite yet), but they love all the space to play. Come spring, we will be getting an outside play set for them to take ALL that energy outside!
Jesse is settling into his job at Dan Brenner Ford and enjoying spending time with the kids and his parents on his parent's ranch. Axel has developed a love of tractors, namely John Deere tractors! Luckily, his Papaw (grandpa) and Grandpa (great-grandpa) have MANY John Deeres, as well as other tractors for Axel to oogle over! Emma has decided that she loves the outdoors and enjoys playing in the dirt and rocks. We just have to watch closely because she likes to taste the rocks as well!
We are currently looking for a new church home and visited our first church today! Rachel is looking forward to getting involved in the local MOPS group, as well as getting involved in church activities.
Overall, life is really coming together! We are missing our friends and church back in Washington, but are so blessed to have such great memories and lasting friendships. Enjoy the pictures!!